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The Yidella Story

Yidella, is an establishment purposed to bring out the history told through African batik to the outer world, promising to showcase of ageless and difference of the African batiks to the reach of as much as possible while telling a story and bringing out the uniqueness

The Company

With a strong sense of community and a moral responsibility,our brand was born. Our passion for the environment and uniquedesign brought our vision, and products, to life.

Each product is infused with the elements of aroma, memory, place and beauty traditions from across the globe. These “artifacts” carry with them stories and maps of their discoveries. Always striving to inspire and to be inspired.

est. 1991


What that starts with, then, is a design which meets the needs not only of today and tomorrow, but the tomorrow after tomorrow, too, and of any number of tomorrows after that. It is a design which has designs to be, above all, pleasing to wear and satisfying to use, and, all the while, to go about its business in a way best described as unassuming.

Absolutely no hassle. No matter what you spill on it – coffee, oil, cranberry juice, nail polish, you can easily wipe it clean with just soap and water.

From Durotan with Love,

Logan cee

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