Choosing hand made African batik for your occasion

Hand dyed African batik textile is the indigo-dyed cloth made in southwestern Nigeria by Yoruba women, using a variety of resist dying techniques. Hand dyed African batik popularly known as “Adire”patterns caught the eyes of Nigerian fashion designers who adapted the design to print high quality cloths using color fast dyes in colors other than indigo.

Asoebi translates to “family cloth” in the language of Yoruba and this is exactly what you will find when attending a Nigerian occasion, be it burial ceremony where children of the deceased choose a particular attire to be easily identified and sellout another guest attending the occasion or the weddings whereas the couple decide which colors and fabrics they would like their friends , family and other guests to wear on their wedding day abs the respective families will go all out to create outfits that meet the requirements.
This makes it easy to distinguish who belongs to each of the couples families at a glance, and long time friends who are not on the bridal party often choose to join in with the Asoebi as well.

Every occasion host look out to have their guest wear the most unique aso ebi they could find. Aso ebi in Nigeria is an indicator of cooperation and solidarity during ceremonies and festive periods, pulsating with vigor, energy and life, which is why hand made African batik “Adire” has most times proven to be the best abc most unique attire to be chosen for the party vibe, in hand made African batik, most would claim the best designs are from mistakes which means hand made African batik is not limited to a specific pattern or design. Hand made African batik textiles also has the flexibility of an host requesting a different design or designs for their occasions. Hand made African batik is the major and most unique craft of Nigeria’s southwestern Yoruba tribe, also speaking for itself wherever it is being worn , giving off the perfect choice of outfit for every occasion one could think of.

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